Chris sat on the beach

Secrets to managing stress

Chris chats about stress awareness. Stress is essentially how we react when we feel under pressure or threatened. Just saying ‘stress awareness’ can automatically make you edgy. Words have power. There’s a side of our brain that’s constantly looking for ways to help us survive and it’s great that it can identify potential threats. However,…


The power of beliefs

David discusses how beliefs impact behaviour and how he overcomes negative self-belief. What are beliefs? When I talk about beliefs, I’m referring to things that we, as individuals, hold to be true. The amazing thing about beliefs is that our brain processes them as ‘entirely true’, even if they aren’t. There are pros and cons…


How to self-coach

Chris has been chatting about what self-coaching means to him. For me, self-coaching is developing the information you have inside of you, right here, right now, to tackle the task at hand. Several years ago, I was due to travel to a swimming competition in Wales. Even when I booked it into the diary, I…

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