Right or wrong way sign

Can you lead the ‘right way’?

David and Sue were discussing how you can build a small city out of the number of books published on leadership. If you google the word leadership, you get 3,840,000,000 results in an instant. There’s a lot of opinions out there and numerous people searching for the right way, the one way, the most effective…


International leadership week 2021

Emma reflects on her thoughts about leadership. I’ve been reflecting on International leadership week, which took place from 22-27 November. The purpose of this week was to ‘inspire great leadership, everywhere’. This caused me to think about what it really means to be a leader. The dictionary definition of leadership states that there are certain…

Truth or lie signpost

Do you believe what you read?

Alton’s immediate answer is, “No”. He admits to being a strong sceptic who believes it’s right to critically analyse everything and not accept anything at face value. This includes the leadership models he uses in his management consultant role. Are leadership models valid? Every time I review a leadership model I always wonder if there’s…

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