Woman with a lightbulb

Knowing your capability

David and Bijal chat about how our capability impacts our behaviour. Our ‘Why people do what they do’ behavioural model shows the personal and cultural factors that may impact your behaviour. At Rambutan, we believe these factors push, pull and shove you into behaving in certain ways, in different situations. Capability, one of the personal…

Emotional intelligence

The importance of emotional intelligence

Rebecca and Emma were discussing how emotional intelligence can save lives! Emotional intelligence is often labelled as being kind and caring to others, but it’s also about the ability to understand when your emotions are changing and how to be in control of them. Someone with emotional intelligence should be able to stop themselves before…

Bullying with red cross

The lasting impact of bullying

Craig chats about what International Stand up to Bullying Day means to him. Stand up to Bullying is a topic immensely close to my heart. For much of my school life, I was bullied and this had a lasting impact on me as I grew older. I made the decision that I didn’t want anybody…

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