The band

Lessons learned, second place earned

Tracy enjoys a bit of success with the rest of the Harborough Band and reflects on what it takes to keep in time with others, in and out of the band room. The stage lights were beating down as I raised my cornet. We all anticipated the coming cue from our director. The auditorium was…

Bullying with red cross

The lasting impact of bullying

Craig chats about what International Stand up to Bullying Day means to him. Stand up to Bullying is a topic immensely close to my heart. For much of my school life, I was bullied and this had a lasting impact on me as I grew older. I made the decision that I didn’t want anybody…


International leadership week 2021

Emma reflects on her thoughts about leadership. I’ve been reflecting on International leadership week, which took place from 22-27 November. The purpose of this week was to ‘inspire great leadership, everywhere’. This caused me to think about what it really means to be a leader. The dictionary definition of leadership states that there are certain…

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