How to self-coach

Chris has been chatting about what self-coaching means to him. For me, self-coaching is developing the information you have inside of you, right here, right now, to tackle the task at hand. Several years ago, I was due to travel to a swimming competition in Wales. Even when I booked it into the diary, I…

Leading a team

The ‘power’ in empowerment

Craig discusses how important empowerment is to improving leadership. As a leader, I believe one of the most powerful things you can do is empower your people. I know this isn’t a groundbreaking concept, but I believe it’s incredibly important. Empowerment not only has benefits for your people, customers and organisation, but also for engagement,…

virtual coaching handshake

Secrets to virtual coaching

Craig is our Rambutan coaching guru and he’s been coaching both online and face-to-face for many years. As online coaching becomes more mainstream this year, he shares his insights on how to make it a success. Coaching that takes place in 2D (online) rather than 3D (physically) builds strong bonds, relationships and creates lasting impact.…

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