Engaging employees to deliver an unrivalled customer experience

by Craig

Chiltern Railways logo

The challenge

Although Chiltern Railways provided high quality customer service they had an ambitious and industry-leading vision to be recognised for delivering stunning customer service that had never been seen before in the rail sector.

They knew that focusing on their culture was the key to unlocking this vision and moving from good to brilliant.

Because of our unique risk-free guarantee, linked to measurable results, Chiltern asked us to partner with them to:

define their culture and the associated behaviours

• engage their employees, from senior managers to front line teams, to live and breathe a culture that would provide stunning customer service and really gobsmack their customers.

The solution

Our partnership with Chiltern saw us co-design, and co-deliver culture change programmes. We challenged senior managers to be accountable and engage themselves and their teams. This included:

• working with the Executive Team, leaders, managers and frontline employees to design the culture vision

• designing and delivering a conference for the top 80 leaders and 360⁰ feedback and coaching for the Executive Team to help them role-model the desired behaviours

• designing and delivering behavioural workshops, with trained culture champions, to all leaders and managers across the business, to help them role-model the desired behaviours and engage their teams

• reviewing and developing a comprehensive, long-term internal communication strategy which helped to embed the new culture throughout Chiltern

• facilitating functional team awaydays and development sessions on:

•living the desired behaviours

• helping frontline teams know exactly how they could play a critical part in the success of the culture.

The result

Jenny Payne – Former Customer Service Director had this to say:

“Rambutan helped us transform our vision for delighting customers into reality. Through innovative planning sessions they were able to translate our aspirations for stunning customer service and culture into an energetic, exciting and engaging series of workshops taking colleagues step by step through cultural transformation. Lots of people say they do this ‘stuff’ but Rambutan add a spin that makes it memorable and lasting.”

Want to know more?

Marylebone, a flagship high-performing train station, was at the heart of this transformation. All Chiltern teams working there were aligned as one team in a multi-skilled environment, as opposed to traditional set roles. Rambutan highlights included:

coaching and supporting the leaders and teams in delivering the customer experience

designing and delivering leadership development workshops and awaydays for every manager at Marylebone

creating a ‘Marylebone story’ to bring to life an unrivalled, consistent customer experience for everyone

developing a clear outcome and vision for Marylebone staff recruitment where the candidate was at the core of every decision. This included designing and delivering a new interview approach and assessment centre

partnering with Chiltern HR to align the Performance Development Reviews (PDRs) to the new culture. These PDRs were flexed to suit each area of the business

Phew! That’s all; only a few bits, then!

Are you wowed by how amazing this culture change has been? Do you want to know more? Give Craig a call and he’ll happily chat to you about it. He may even give you a few tips on how you can effectively engage your organisation to deliver stunning customer service!