Developing, designing and delivering ‘The BJ Way’

by Lucy


The challenge

When we first met Janet Orgill, Learning and Development Manager at Browne Jacobson, she told us about the learning and development plan the firm had been working on for some time. The team had identified that technical training at the legal firm was well structured but what was missing was a framework that would help develop people’s skills across the business, so she’d come up with lots of ideas, all captured on a spreadsheet. There was some internal debate as to how to take the plan to the next level, so we jumped at the chance to help.

Janet was really keen to create something visual; something that would get people interested and intrigued; something that would make a real impact across the business. This sounded like it was right up our street and we couldn’t wait to get going.

The solution

We started with a brainstorm session, teasing out lots of information about the firm, the people who work there and their needs. Together, we came up with thoughts about how the new framework could make a visual impact and ideas that would engage and excite people with it. We worked really closely with Janet and the team to ensure whatever we created would be in keeping with the firm’s values and deliver the right opportunities for learning.

We created a straightforward but eye-catching plan incorporating both personal effectiveness and leadership. The firm wanted an approach that would allow people to choose from a suite of options so we created a range of challenging and interactive workshops covering personal impact; personal skills; teamwork; planning and organising; coaching and developing others; supervising and leading; and recruitment and selection. We continued to work closely with Janet and her colleagues in HR to ensure the content was always spot-on.

The result

Everyone at Browne Jacobson, both support staff and lawyers, are now taking ownership for their learning and development. ‘The BJ Way’ is linked to the appraisal process so lots of great conversations are happening about how skills can be developed alongside technical expertise. Word is spreading and demand for workshops is increasing.

‘The BJ Way’ demonstrates the firm’s commitment to its values by investing in its people. Everyone at Browne Jacobson has an opportunity to follow a development path tailored to them, meaning people want to stick around because they see a great future at the firm. This approach to learning and development really helps Browne Jacobson to be ‘law, less ordinary’.

Want to know more?

We know how important it is for people to take ownership of their personal development, so we designed ‘It’s all about me’, a key workshop in the plan that allows individuals to create their own learning and development roadmap. Individuals are able to take a snapshot of where they are currently; consider where they’d like to be at the firm in the future, and scope out their own development. As well as identifying the options ‘The BJ Way’ provides, they are asked to think about other development opportunities, e.g. secondments, shadowing a colleague or projects they might be able to undertake. People at the firm really love this straightforward approach as they can plan where they want to be and use ‘The BJ Way’ to help them get there.

Browne Jacobson are about ‘law less ordinary’, so it was fitting to create some unconventional names for the workshops, like ‘Taking the floor’ (covering presentation skills) and ‘Send it to me in writing’ (covering, you’ve guessed it, writing skills.)

The workshops reflect the roles people have at Browne Jacobson and are aimed at helping everyone develop, right across the business. The programme was named ‘The BJ Way’, and this has since been integrated with the business and technical learning at the firm to be part of this too.

What they’ve said…

“I really liked the creative way the session was delivered and information was captured.”

“There were valuable lessons taught, which can be utilised in our daily working life.”

“It was great the way the brand values were included and how we were given time for us to reflect on our own writing.”

“I found the workshop very engaging and interactive; everyone got involved.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Lucy helped to transform and embed learning and development at Browne Jacobson, give her a call on +44 (0) 1858 461071. She’d love to chat to you about it over a cuppa.