Developing leaders to become the best coaches

by Craig

Intertek Logo

The challenge

Intertek is a global Total Quality Assurance provider offering assurance, testing, inspection and certification services around the world.

Intertek has technically gifted and brilliant leaders who are experts in their field. Aligning to their business strategy, Intertek wanted to support their leaders and managers to become awesome coaches to fully engage their teams by igniting their people’s passion for continuous learning, which would shape their future and maximise their impact.

They wanted to work with Rambutan because of our unique, innovative and world-class expertise in developing people’s coaching skills and creating coaching cultures.

The solution

We partnered with Intertek, adopting their brand, values, language and style, to design and deliver roadshow events called Leadership Learning Labs.

The concept of a lab is to create an environment in which leaders can try, fail, experiment and explore. Up and down the country, these Leadership Learning Labs unlocked the skills, behaviours and knowledge of how to use coaching techniques every day as a leader, as well as starting to develop a ‘coaching culture’.

These roadshows focused on helping people to be ‘ever better’. Lab topics included questioning and listening, the GROW model, quick coach and personal effectiveness to name a few!

The result

Over 200 people attended the stunning roadshows and the reactions have been phenomenal with positive feedback on facilitation, the tools and the experiential structure of the event. Social media posts from many of the attendees revealed the strength and depth of buy-in to the new coaching culture. Intertek employee turnover (one of the key output measures) saw a reduction of 2%; the first 12-month downward trend they’ve seen.

Intertek staff at the roadshows

Want to know more?

The Leadership Learning Labs were initially delivered to Intertek’s Senior Leadership Team as a full ‘dress rehearsal’ to gain their feedback and expertise, and to involve them in the content. Rambutan and Intertek then tweaked the pioneering Leadership Learning Labs to be the best-in-class for the full roadshow rollout.

We then partnered with key Intertek people, from different roles across the business, who’d been chosen as the facilitators for the roadshows. Our Rambutan expert coaches (who are accredited Henley and LSI coaches, Hogan assessors and licensed NLP master practitioners) developed these key people to be thought-provoking coaches and expert facilitators. We focused on knowledge, capability and confidence to help Intertek’s leaders experience the positive power of coaching and bring the coaching culture to life.

Rambutan coaches observed and then offered live coaching feedback to Intertek’s coaching facilitators during each of the roadshow sessions. This helped the facilitators grow in self-belief, gain new skills and confidence, coach each other, receive feedback and drive their own development.

Intertek staff facilitating a roadshow
Intertek people at a roadshow

There is an ongoing online ‘Yammer’ site for all Leadership Learning Lab attendees; featuring blogs, videos, guides and webinars to further embed the learning and enable and exchange between attendees. Plus, concepts and tools have been adopted in everyday activities, e.g. refined meeting agendas and open questioning techniques.

Coaching models (specifically GROW) are now a framework that Intertek leaders across Europe and Central Asia use every day to help develop their people, define key strategies and improve performance. Spontaneous peer-to-peer coaching is also on the increase.

What Intertek said…

“The Rambutan bunch are truly engaging and inspiring. They collaboratively brought our ideas to life. Their expertise, passion and energy is like no other I have experienced and their impact is incredible.”

Liz Seeley, Head of HR Programmes

“Working with Rambutan enabled us to bring a few fragmented ideas together into a clear vision that truly aligned with our goal to help people experience a coaching culture. From the vision came the reality – a learning experience for our people that made a true difference on the day and became an ongoing catalyst for change. You can visually see the changes in individuals, in teams and in the culture as a result.”

Fran Caldwell, UK HR Director

If you’d like to know more about how we helped Intertek embed their coaching culture, give Craig a call, he’d love to chat all about it!