by Mark

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The challenge

Employee engagement survey data for Hyundai Capital UK highlighted an opportunity to improve the understanding of, and connection with, the company’s vision, mission, strategy and overall direction.

Survey questions related to these elements had quite a significant impact on overall employee engagement.

The solution

We supported the senior management team (SMT) in agreeing and refreshing their vision and then helped them to rework their existing business strategy into an inspiring story that could be easily understood by all. It was important that this provided a clear ‘line of sight’ for all employees to see how what they did in their day-to-day-roles contributed to the vision and strategy, and how all the component parts fitted together.

The result

The impact on employee engagement of having a compelling story was significant. The next employee survey,18 months later, showed that overall engagement was up by 16 percentage points. More importantly, there was a huge increase in scores on survey questions about the vision and strategy. Understanding about the vision and strategy was up a massive 38 percentage points and ‘the SMT providing clear direction for the future’ up 27 percentage points.

Hyundai Capital UK leaders chatting

Want to know more?

Once the narrative had been developed, the communication challenge began. One employee with great design skills was given the important job of creating a compelling visual representation of the vision, mission and strategy, which he did using a road sign theme to link to their business sector. In partnership with their SMT we launched the refreshed story to all employees at a ‘town hall’ event.

Follow-up communication activities and employee discussions were woven into subsequent ‘town halls’, company workshops, departmental meetings and the weekly company newsletter. From a communication perspective, consistency of message was crucial at this point to ensure that all the SMT were ‘all on the same page’ and all communication channels were aligned.

In focus groups, employees also talked about a real consistency of message across the business, clearer alignment of personal objectives and straightforward strategic framework to aid decision-making.

What Ian said…

“Rambutan was instrumental in helping us interpret our employee engagement survey data which enabled us to focus very quickly on the things we needed to do to improve engagement. Their guidance and support, through company workshops and facilitating senior team meetings helped us articulate our vision and strategy into a straightforward narrative that an amazing 94% of employees now understand. Sharing the company strategy in this way has proved invaluable and has driven engagement positively across the organisation.”

Ian Whittaker, Managing Director, Hyundai Capital UK

If you’d like to know more about how we helped Hyundai Capital UK, give Mark a shout, because he loves chatting about this project.