At Rambutan we feel passionate about coaching..

by Craig

…but this client story isn’t about us. We wanted to share what it was like to experience coaching first-hand, just in case you were thinking about giving it a go. So, Craig grabbed five minutes with two of our clients and quizzed them on their time being coached. The two willing clients were Sarah Mason from Talent Advantage and Karen McKenzie-Irvine from Transport for London (TfL). Settle down with a cuppa and read about their inspiring journeys.

The conversation

Craig: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. So, since your coaching, what’s different in your life?

Sarah: I’ve got a much better understanding of what’s important to me, as well as a clear idea of how my values affect my decision making. That was life changing for me. Oh, I’ve also got more awareness of needing flexibility and tolerance in my day-to-day dealing with people.

Karen: My self-belief. I think more about how I can approach things in different ways; it’s given me more of a ‘yes I can’ attitude. I recently gave a presentation where I ‘presented as a winner’ rather than delivering a winning presentation. I’ve also won an award that I was nominated for.

Craig: Brilliant, and congratulations Karen! Can you tell me what the coaching experience was like?

Sarah: It was a really positive experience, with a good balance of support versus challenge. The sessions held me accountable, allowed me time to think about what I wanted to be different and then action the change. It also provided a sounding board that pushed back. My coaching was always held in a safe environment; it felt safe, objective and impartial. The coaching was personally challenging at times.

Karen: My experience was very positive yet challenging. It made me think differently and provided a degree of stretch on my comfort zone. It was always focused, which allowed me to think about the end game.

Craig: And what was your situation like before coaching?

Sarah: For me, it was miserable. I felt frustrated and stuck in my situation. I couldn’t see a way of improving it. Also, I’d tried coaching in the past and didn’t have a good experience; it made me feel untrusting of coaching.

Karen: I was always using the same solutions and ideas. Coaching interrupted my thinking in a positive way.

Craig: When you started coaching, what outcomes did you want to achieve?

Sarah: I wanted to get out of my miserable situation. Working with Rambutan has shown me how coaching can be done well. I’ve found ways to improve things for the future.

Karen: I wanted to share the story of the great results we’d achieved in the TfL Learning and Development team, and to win the Training Journal (TJ) Learning and Development professional of the year award.


Craig: Thanks for your time today. To wrap things up, what would you say to others who were considering coaching?

Sarah: If you’re not ready for change, don’t do it. It’s a great support and resource to have; it felt like a luxury, having time and space to think. In my experience, it was useful having someone facilitating to help me make really good decisions. I’m now living my dream and doing something I love doing.

Karen: Use it, definitely try it out. It helps to be open-minded from the start and to have a specific goal you want to work on.

What other people have said…

Rambutan’s helped all sorts of people with their coaching needs; here is a selection of nice things people have said about their experience:

Tracey Thomas, Finance Director at Speciality Fibres and Materials
I sought Rambutan’s help when I gained a significant promotion and had many new situations to face. The experience took me a long way outside of my comfort zone. It gave me the tools to use for managing change, handling different communication styles, changing perspective and dealing with the most difficult people.

Carl Davies, Agile & Technology Strategy Consultant
I was very lucky to have the benefit of Rambutan’s coaching over a period of several months. The coaching was focused, tailored and helpfully challenging. Every session was well planned and I’m absolutely certain these sessions provided a turning point for my career.

Bob Butler, Director of International Business Development at HCA International
I can’t recommend Rambutan highly enough. They are genuine, original and deliver ‘what you don’t realise you need to know’. Pure coaching genius that can effortlessly lead you from A to Z, taking great satisfaction from your success.

If you’d like to know more about coaching, give Craig a shout because he’d love to chat about this project.