Dramatically improving the customer experience at Orange

by David

The challenge

Orange wanted:

• their agents to be able to think, speak and write ‘Orange’. This meant that when helping a customer, they always reflected the Orange tone of voice and that brought the brand to life

• something that helped their agents think for themselves; to really give the customer the attention they deserved

• letters and emails to be friendly, straightforward, honest, refreshing and dynamic

• every customer to feel that they had really been listened to and understood

The solution

We worked very closely with Orange; here’s a little bit of what we did:

let’s understand you: we conducted lots of research to really get to know Orange, its people and its customers

becoming Orange: we immersed ourselves in the Orange brand so we could help their agents to do likewise

a tailored approach: we designed and delivered a bespoke writing skills course that helped all customer- facing employees to think, speak and write Orange. This made a huge difference to their customers through the quality and consistency of all subsequent communication

a match made in brand heaven: big shout to the Orange team who produced a funky Orange letter- writing guide that offered loads of hints, tips, rules and other useful stuff to support agents back in the workplace

The result

Well, we know it worked because we get correspondence from Orange that’s full of the stuff the writers learned! Here’s the sort of thing that Orange people have said too:

“Unusual but in a good way! Not the same old training course with different buzzwords. Good sound advice that has really made a difference to how I do things.”

“This has made me think about the words we use and how important the tone is. The session itself was very helpful, fun and an excellent way of displaying the Orange values…thank you.”

What Karen said…

“You have been a breath of fresh air… something we badly needed.”

Karen Ingham, Director of Customer Service, Orange UK

We love to talk about our work with Orange. If this story has struck a chord with you or created ‘that familiar feeling’ about how your teams communicate with customers, please call David on +44 (0) 1858 461071 for a chat!