Today is National Pi day!

Rambutan numbers man Ed delves into national Pi day and ponders how important data really is to us. Unfortunately, this may not be the kind of Pi that you were hoping for, especially if you’re hungry, but being the numbers man around the Rambu-office, it only felt fitting that I was the one to write…


What advice would you give your younger self if you could travel back in time?

Sue was recently reading ‘The Last Lecture’, co-authored by Randy Pausch about a series of lectures where academics are asked to think about what matters to them, and then give a hypothetical ‘final talk’. It got her thinking what practical advice she could offer her younger self. Imagine if at 22, you receive a letter/email…


Engaging with technology is all about attitude, not age  

Sue recently read an article reporting how young people and millennials are embracing technology much faster than older people. I find this a tad disappointing as I’m very happy with technology and use multiple IT channels numerous times every day. Why should my age (50 in case you’re wondering!) be a perceived blocker? My positive…


Autumn has arrived

Kat thought she’d share this beautiful, mystical picture showing a low mist hovering just above the ground, taken in a field beyond our car park at Rambutan HQ.  It was such a strange sight, she jumped out of the car, camera phone at the ready!

Why tone of voice matters but often fails

Lucy was reading some terms and conditions recently (well she started to; she didn’t get to the bottom because they were far too boring) and it occurred to her that they didn’t reflect the organisation they belonged to. I know that businesses need to include the ‘small-print’ somewhere, but I’ve heard that the most common…


No complaining!

Nicki was recently reading a newspaper article about how the average worker spends 2 weeks a year complaining in the office and it got her thinking. Could I really be wasting 2 weeks a year complaining at work? I’d like to think not…I have the occasional gripe but 2 weeks’ worth…really? According to the article…