If you’re looking for ‘chalk and talk’, tutor-led classroom sessions; if you want to keep delivering like you always have; then don’t use these guys! However, if you want learning to stick, and if you want your learners to come away knowing they can put stuff into practice straight away, then give Rambutan a call. As a business we pretty much knew what it was we wanted to deliver, and had a decent core programme in place to deliver it – but when we started talking to Rambutan we knew we were at the start of something great, and more than that, that we had found a company that were interested in the truest sense of partnering. Our core leadership programme now has the best feedback it has ever received – both from participants and line managers alike and it’s making a difference to our delivery capability. In addition, they are quite possibly the easiest people to do business with in the world; which is just what you need when you’re running a busy training function. Flexible, responsive, full of fabulous ideas, and fun. My idea of the perfect provider. But probably the most important thing about working with Rambutan – it’s now not a client/provider relationship – they’re quite simply an extension of our team