We, as leaders of the finance departments within the University of Nottingham, have been leading our teams through a people, culture and engagement journey. We felt, as part of that journey, it was really important to start capturing our teams’ thoughts, feelings and very personal experiences of the challenges faced during lockdown. We commissioned Craig from Rambutan to work with us on this really critical piece of work. We had no idea how our teams would respond to sharing their personal experiences in a virtual workshop environment but Craig had a really fantastic way of making our people feel relaxed and very comfortable. He made the space in which they were communicating feel very safe.


As a result of this, our people opened up completely and have shared the most amazing and personal experiences with good grace, humour and a real passion and commitment for concern and care towards each other. I can honestly say that Craig was the key driver for such open and fantastic conversations and our teams really connected and engaged with his humour and style. This was such an important piece of work for us and Craig was completely bought into that and worked tirelessly to make sure every team member was involved and had their say. I and my colleague are delighted with the results and cannot wait to start building the teams’ feedback into our finance journey.