If you need someone to help bring out your best leadership qualities, go to David. New into a senior position after a promotion, I wanted to set myself up for a smooth transition and was fortunate enough to be put in touch with David. I’d never worked with a coach before, and despite the remote restriction, David made me feel comfortable throughout. In two sessions we’ve covered a lot; stepping up to manage peers; pitching me the leader and my ideas, how my personality can help and hinder me at work (I thought I knew myself pretty well but there was a bit of a revelation in here!); what makes someone credible; how to deal with losing a boss who’s been a big support. I would 100% recommend David. His manner is easy, you can take things in any direction you’d like, he provides useful frameworks or ways to think about things a bit differently. He also shared book synopses around topics I’m particularly interested in for me to digest outside of our sessions. Without David I wouldn’t be as focused on longer-term goals, I’m consistently thinking about things from the other person’s point of view, I’m giving better feedback and I’m coaching my team more. I’m, without a doubt, a better leader, doing a better job because of him and will very likely work with him again if he’ll have me.