Why tone of voice matters but often fails

Lucy was reading some terms and conditions recently (well she started to; she didn’t get to the bottom because they were far too boring) and it occurred to her that they didn’t reflect the organisation they belonged to. I know that businesses need to include the ‘small-print’ somewhere, but I’ve heard that the most common…

How to get employee engagement without doing it

Have you heard senior managers in an organisation say they have plans to ‘do engagement’? They’ve recognised the impact poor engagement has on all aspects of their business’s effectiveness including, critically, the bottom line, and to their credit they’ve identified the need to do something about it. So, employee engagement goes on the agenda. All…

Five lessons from five years

As Rambutan celebrates a big milestone, David’s put his reflecting hat on to share his Rambu-learnings five years since starting a business.

From a standing start, in the middle of a recession, we have established a business with an amazing team, an unbelievable list of clients and an unmatchable level of quality; both in what we deliver externally and how we operate internally.