Birthday cake with two candles

Celebrating the big and the small

Emma and Ellie reflect on celebrating success and the importance of micro-moments. Recently we were surprised by our bunch colleagues with a remix of ‘Happy Birthday’ to celebrate our one-year work anniversary at Rambutan, alongside a cupcake or two! This gesture reminded us of a talk we attended at a recent CIPD (Chartered Institute of…


How to self-coach

Chris has been chatting about what self-coaching means to him. For me, self-coaching is developing the information you have inside of you, right here, right now, to tackle the task at hand. Several years ago, I was due to travel to a swimming competition in Wales. Even when I booked it into the diary, I…

Leeds football ground

What’s your tribe?

Rebecca discusses how social influences can affect your behaviours. At Rambutan, we’re fascinated by people’s behaviours. Our ‘Why people do what they do’ model focuses on personal and cultural factors that influence the way we behave; social influences are one such cultural factor. Most people unconsciously adapt their behaviour to fit their social norms. The…

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