You belong

You belong…we all belong

Can a massively important subject be simplified into a single question? Some very, very important conversations have started to shape the debate about organisational design and people policy over the last few years. Diversity and inclusion as a subject has thankfully passed the ‘buzzword and tick-box’ phase in most organisations as the value (commercial and…

Learning at work week

The continuous cycle of learning

Craig reflects on Learning at Work Week (16-22 May) and what lifelong learning means to him. Whilst I was young, especially at school, learning could sometimes feel like a chore. It’s something I had to do five days a week. I found learning much more fun when I was trying to improve my hobbies or…

The band

Lessons learned, second place earned

Tracy enjoys a bit of success with the rest of the Harborough Band and reflects on what it takes to keep in time with others, in and out of the band room. The stage lights were beating down as I raised my cornet. We all anticipated the coming cue from our director. The auditorium was…

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