How to work differently

In our occasional interview series with Craig, we’re chatting today about why Rambutan is unique. Why is Rambutan so different? There are some amazingly brilliant consultancies out there, but I believe one of the things that makes us so different is who we are as people. When we first started Rambutan, we focused on how…

Sue at work

Practice makes perfect, or does it?

Sue was contemplating how much we crave instant gratification these days above the long hard slog of ‘practice makes perfect’. When I was a young child, I was fortunate enough to be offered the chance to learn to read music and play an instrument; both the piano and the flute actually. I’m not sure at…

Emotional intelligence

The importance of emotional intelligence

Rebecca and Emma were discussing how emotional intelligence can save lives! Emotional intelligence is often labelled as being kind and caring to others, but it’s also about the ability to understand when your emotions are changing and how to be in control of them. Someone with emotional intelligence should be able to stop themselves before…

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